So its done, we are not going to see the MEN IN BLUES in the 16th Asian games going to be held in Guangzhou this november. This tuesday The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) made an official announcement that the Indian Crickt teams both men and women will not take part in Asian Games in China due to international commitments. Asian Games is being held in november and around that time Team India would be hosting the Newzeland team for 3 tests and 5 ODIs. President Of Indian Olympic Association slammed BCCI and said that he is disappointed and certainly feels like Team India will not attend the Asian Games because there is no prize money there. Cricket has commercialised now. He futher noted that Cricket should not be included in Olympic events because it has become a commercial game and the olympic games are different from that. The Asian Games events schedule and the BCCI cricket schedule are prefixed then why there is clash betweeen both the schedules ? Didn't BCCI keep in mind the Asian Games while scheduling the cricket calendar. Was it done knowingly.

Now the question arises that is money really above nation's pride? After an array of attempts by  Indian Olympic Association and Asian Cricket Council cricket got included in the Asian Games. Had Team India participated in Asian Games two medals were definitely in our hands because India is the powerhub of cricket not only in Asia but in the whole world. Cricket will be introduced for the first time in Asian Games in its Twenty20 variant but its splendour is surely going to diminish with cricket loving nation INDIA not a part of it. Whats the reason that TEAM INDIA is always unwilling to participate in such  multi-sport events which are a matter of pride for nation. Is this the reason that there is no prize money and only medals but these medals are worth more than any big amount. Earlier also in 1998 in the Commonwealth Games held in Malaysia BCCI sent a second string team led by Ajay Jadeja  to Malaysia where they were crashed badly and boarded the full fledged Indian side to TORONTO to represent  the Sahara Cup. The reason why BCCI is backing out in sending the india team in such multi-sport event which have a bigger mass apeal seems to be the prize money. In such events there is no prize money, there are only medals. that means no revenue. Secondly if they tour another country or host cricket series in India there will loads of revenue. But one thing BCCI is forgetting India is popular in India because its the only game where India has got some name at the International level besides cricket is still not an international game. The Indians fans love cricketers but the recent incident is going to put negative impact on them, there heroes are on the verge of becoming villians and also the recent failures of TEAM INDIA has fumed the fans. BCCI should think over it because if the fans lose trust in the cricketers the cricket powerhub is likely to shutdown. Other sports like boxing, tennis, hockey etc are still in the progressive stage but recent success has in these fields has open gates for them. On the other hand such irresponsible by the cricketers and BCCI has letdown their eminence.  No individual, association, board can be above national pride and BCCI has to realize that. Some more incidents like this, some more failures and the fans are going to turn away from cricket. Fans support the cricketers because they like them winning but when the cricketers are not eager to win medals for the country, so how can the fan cheerish? Lets hope cricket: the gentlemen's game revive its dignity and get above the mad run of money.